Columbus Conference for Jewish Women 2020

The Columbus Conference for Jewish Women was held on Sunday, February 23 at the Columbus Museum of Art. Close to 170 women from across the community attended a day of learning and inspiration. Recordings* from some of the day’s breakout sessions can be found below by clicking on the title. Enjoy!

*most recordings are not edited


The Mindful Approach to True Happiness We all crave a life that’s happy but somehow it often eludes us. When we shift our perspective and use a new, mindful approach,
we will redefine the meaning of true happiness, making it a goal that’s perpetually realistic and relevant. Presenter: Chani Juravel


A. Tolerating Others, Tolerating Ourselves: A Model for Relationships in Parenting and Beyond A three step approach to viewing the most important people in our life through the lens of tolerance, learning to appreciate them more deeply and relating to them more meaningfully. This approach can be applied to parenting as well as all other relationships in our lives. You will walk out of this presentation loving yourself and others a whole lot more! Presenter: Chani Juravel

B. Most Likely to “Succeed”- Understanding our Definition of Success An exploration of the presenter’s twenty-year obsession with feeling externally defined after winning a beauty pageant and being voted the “Most Likely to Succeed” in her High School graduating class of 450 students. Combining Torah wisdom and modern psychology, this session will explore how we can create our own narrative of “Inside/out” self-esteem, rooted in the unique Divine image that we each possess. Presenter: Gevura Davis

C. Vulnerability: The Key to Authentic Connection We enter relationships with high expectations, hoping to find the closeness and connection we crave. How can we develop and hone the skills we need to fulfill those expectations? Hear a Jewish perspective on giving, receiving and vulnerability that can help us reclaim the closeness we seek. Presenter: Tzivi Zuckerman

D. Healthy Habits for the Skin You Are In! Are you interested in enhancing the health of your skin, and wonder which skincare products should be on your shelf? This talk will present healthy skin care habits, with recommendations for the most effective over-the-counter products you should use. Dr. Cotell will also explain how to detect and prevent skin cancer. Attendees will leave with practical and life-saving tips, as well as a goody bag of skincare samples! Presenter: Dr. Stephanie Cotell


A. Anxiety: Appreciating the Enemy Our world is full of stress and stressors. Learn the Torah’s view on anxiety and anxious thinking, understanding what it can do to us and how to combat it. We can breathe easier once we learn how to control this difficult inclination instead of letting it control us. Presenter: Chani Juravel

B. Feeling Beautiful in a World that Defines it for You All our lives we are bombarded by images, definitions, and messages that we ARE what we LOOK like. This class will explore the Jewish definition of beauty, how to obtain it, and how we can fight the voices of negativity that often plague us. We will share the wisdom you wish you could explain to your younger self and arm you with the tools you need to educate your daughters and sons in redefining their personal self-image. Presenter: Gevura Davis

C. Begging to be Noticed: Yosef’s Journey This session will include an in-depth analysis of Bereishis 37-42. We carefully study Yosef’s life and examine how mindfulness changed its trajectory. The session will focus on Yosef’s growth specifically in his relationship with his brothers, his own successes and the impetus that led to this drastic change in dynamic. (This session is for advanced learners who are comfortable working with a Biblical text.) Presenter: Elana Katz

D. Aromatherapy and Essential Oils — What Are They and What Are Their Uses? – (NO AUDIO AVAILABLE) Aromatherapy is the enhancement of mind, body, spirit & soul with the use of aromatic, botanical essential oils. Essential oils contain both medicinal and aromatic characteristics, which provide tremendous healing and balancing properties when proper guidelines are followed. Learn about the different essential oils, their healing properties and how to combine them into a unique, individualized oil blend. Find out which way is best for you to absorb this olfactory indulgence. Several oils will be on hand for you to discover. Presenter: Ofra Scherer 


Columbus United Siyum HaTorah

Video link from 2018 Siyum HaTorah featuring Rabbi YY Jacobson.

Over one hundred twenty participants celebrated learning mishnayos at the Columbus United Siyum HaTorah on July 11 at the Columbus Community Kollel. The keynote address was given by Rabbi Y. Y. Jacobson, the first Rabbi ever to be invited by the Pentagon to deliver the religious keynote to the U.S. Military Chief of Chaplains and to the National Security Agency.

For information about the siyum or other Kollel learning programs, contact Rabbi Kapenstein at