Columbus Conference for Jewish Women 2019

The Columbus Conference for Jewish Women was held on Sunday, February 24 at the Columbus Museum of Art. More than 160 women from across the community attended a day of learning and inspiration. Recordings* from the day’s breakout sessions can be found below by clicking on the title. Enjoy!

*most recordings are not edited


A.  Find your True Worth through Hypnosis: In the first part of this session you will have the opportunity to learn how hypnosis can help you uncover long help beliefs that have been standing in the way of self love. In the second part you will have the opportunity to feel the power of hypnosis firsthand as the group is treated to an empowering hypnosis experience. Presenter: Levana Slabodnick

B.  Labels — They’re Not Just on T-shirts: Most often, we’ve grown up with labels slapped on us without even realizing it. Labels have been slapped on by our parents, our siblings, and even our teachers. Oh! And we’ve slapped them on ourselves also! The problem is, that when we become adults we forget to peel them off. We carry them around and we identify with them. We live them. And then we wonder why we can’t change. This seminar is designed to recognize the labels that we’ve been carrying around our entire lives, and to finally let them go. lt’s time to redesign ourselves . . . one label at a time.  Presenter:  Stacey Anbar

C.  Raising Resilient, Responsible and Independent Children:  Raising a child today can be a challenge. The many distractions of modern living conspire to rob your child of a sense of responsibility and of their independence. Hear a presentation where you will learn how to help your child be responsible for him or herself, handle disappointment, become an independent and successful adult, manage their feelings and relate to others.  Presenter:  Courtney Evenchik

D.  Intuitive Eating — Learning how to love ourselves again:  Women are constantly being subjected to the “ideal body image” via various media sources and casual conversations. In fact, so many of us have accepted this as normal that we forget how crazy it is. We are engaged in a constant fight to have a certain body and it dominates so much of our minds and feelings. Can we learn to think differently about our bodies and about food? How can we learn to love food again and to accept our G-d given shapes?  Presenter:  Ruchi Koval


A.  Are We Really Being Honest with Ourselves? Biblical lessons in self esteem:  This session will explore examples of self esteem in Biblical and Jewish thought, examining several in the Torah in order to gain a greater understanding of ourselves.  This text based session is for experienced learners. Presenter:  Elana Katz

B.  Are you living a passionate life? lf the answer is no, then this seminar is for you! Living a passionate life is not just for young, beautiful actresses! lt’s not just for your 20’s or 30’s. lt’s for right now! Passion is an essential part of living a meaningful life and now it’s time to share it. This seminar is designed to help us recognize the talents and passions that we once had — and when and why we let them go.  Put on your seatbelts and get ready for the show —  YOUR SHOW!  Presenter:  Stacey Anbar

C.  Bullying Prevention — Bully-Proof Your Kids:  Bullying is an important subject for parents, educators and students.  During this workshop, participants will learn about: Signs of Bullying,  What to Look For If You Are Worried That Your Child is a Victim of Bullying, Tools That Empower Your Child, Roles of Parents and Schools in Creating a Bully-free culture, How to Intervene When Bullying Occurs, and: The Telltale Signs of Cyberbullying and How to Deal With It. Presenter:  Courtney Evenchik

D. “Fakebook”– What a Friend Really Is:   Now that we have more “friends” than ever before, what are we supposed to do with them? Concepts about sharing and connection, vulnerability and support, have taken completely different turns with the rise of social media.  Are our digital friendships making us happier or sadder? Join the conversation to learn how to navigate these friendships, and discover the deep connection and intimacy that we are seeking. Presenter: Ruchi Koval