Minyan Times

Shacharis (Sun-Fri) 7:40 am (8 a.m. Shabbos)
Mincha (M-Th) 5:20 pm (Sunday and Friday times vary; call to confirm)
Maariv (S-Th) 9:50 pm


The Columbus Community Kollel is a full time adult institute of Jewish studies in Columbus, Ohio. Staffed by Torah scholars, the Kollel is a center of intensive Torah research, as well as a community resource providing all levels of adult Jewish education.

Our Mission is to be a full time, multifaceted adult Jewish education program dedicated to studying Torah and teaching it regardless of affiliation or background.


Our Kollel Family

Contact information that directed to an individual rabbi’s email and for general information.

Rabbi Henoch (Rosh Kollel) & Mrs. Chaya Morris rabbimorris@thekollel.org

Rabbi Yitzhak (Assistant Rosh Kollel) & Mrs. Tzivia Zuckerman rabbizuckerman@thekollel.org

Rabbi Yaakov & Mrs. Yonit Kirschbaum rabbikirschbaum@thekollel.org

Rabbi Aryeh & Mrs. Adina Birnhack  rabbibirnhack@thekollel.org

Rabbi Yehuda & Mrs. Nechama Fried  rabbifried@thekollel.org

Rabbi Yehoshua & Mrs. Elisheva Greenspan rabbigreenspan@thekollel.org

Rabbi Hillel & Mrs. Rivky Kapenstein rabbikapenstein@thekollel.org

Karen Levy, Secretary  secretary@thekollel.org

Shari Herszage, Administrative Assistant

General:  info@thekollel.org
General phone number:  614-237-7133

How to find us