Minyan Times

Shacharis (Sun-Fri) 7:40 am (8 a.m. Shabbos)
Mincha (M-Th) 3:30 pm (Sunday and Friday times vary; call to confirm)
Maariv (S-Th) 9:50 pm


The Columbus Community Kollel is a full time adult institute of Jewish studies in Columbus, Ohio. Staffed by Torah scholars, the Kollel is a center of intensive Torah research, as well as a community resource providing all levels of adult Jewish education.

Our Mission is to be a full time, multifaceted adult Jewish education program dedicated to studying Torah and teaching it regardless of affiliation or background.


Our Kollel Family

Rabbi Henoch (Rosh Kollel) & Mrs. Chaya Morris rabbimorris@thekollel.org

Rabbi Yitzhak (Assistant Rosh Kollel) & Mrs. Tzivia Zuckerman rabbizuckerman@thekollel.org

Rabbi Hillel (Outreach Coordinator) & Mrs. Rivky Kapenstein rabbikapenstein@thekollel.org

Rabbi Yaakov (Outreach Coordinator) & Mrs. Yonit Kirschbaum rabbikirschbaum@thekollel.org

Rabbi Aryeh & Mrs. Adina Birnhack  rabbibirnhack@thekollel.org

Rabbi Yehuda & Mrs. Nechama Fried  rabbifried@thekollel.org

Rabbi Yehoshua & Mrs. Elisheva Greenspan rabbigreenspan@thekollel.org

Karen Levy, Secretary  secretary@thekollel.org

Shari Herszage, Administrative Assistant

General:  info@thekollel.org
General phone number:  614-237-7133

How to find us